WPA3 and DragonFly (SAE)

Overview:  WPA3 has brought in new advantages over WPA2 in order to overcome issues such as Offline Dictionary Attacks and provide advantages of forward Secrecy. This does look promising to secure existing WPA2 networks that are currently in use. In general, WPA3 doesn’t define new protocols but instead raises mandatory support for existing protocols thatContinue reading “WPA3 and DragonFly (SAE)”

Testing 802.11w by sending deauth packets: Broadcast and Unicast.

802.11w standard was introduced to protect WLAN management frames so that the WLAN stations can be protected against deauthentication OR Rogue Association attacks sent by an attacker. A very interesting piece here is sending spoofed deauthentication broadcast OR Unicast messages. There are multiple software that can be used for this purpose, but I will beContinue reading “Testing 802.11w by sending deauth packets: Broadcast and Unicast.”