Power Save Mechanisms – 802.11ax

Power save is one of the important requirements for mobile devices. WiFi can drain the battery of a mobile device quickly. Hence in 802.11 networks power save management is achieved based on active and doze states of a mobile device. In the active state, the mobile device is communicating to the AP and in dozeContinue reading “Power Save Mechanisms – 802.11ax”

WPA3 and DragonFly (SAE)

Overview:  WPA3 has brought in new advantages over WPA2 in order to overcome issues such as Offline Dictionary Attacks and provide advantages of forward Secrecy. This does look promising to secure existing WPA2 networks that are currently in use. In general, WPA3 doesn’t define new protocols but instead raises mandatory support for existing protocols thatContinue reading “WPA3 and DragonFly (SAE)”

Third radio Connectivity tests with Arista APs.

For a WiFi Network administrator, it is a necessary task to keep checking the network health of the APs. Most of the management planes show the health of the AP which includes information like AP’s uptime, AP RF status, 802.11 authentications or association status, etc. Arista does the same by the tool called Cloud VisionContinue reading “Third radio Connectivity tests with Arista APs.”

802.11ax – OFDMA

OFDMA is currently gathering a lot of attention in the WiFi community. This is because of the demand for ever-increasing growth of mobile devices, internet, multimedia, and various other services. OFDMA based systems are capable of providing high data rates, efficient sharing of resources, and take advantage of multipath. Already proven its importance in otherContinue reading “802.11ax – OFDMA”

Guest user-auth with ClearPass and Arista APs – Using CoA

Problem Statement/Use Case:  Guest access in an Enterprise network has become a necessity. As mobile devices are getting widely accepted the data demands are as well increasing every day. In an Enterprise Network a Guest network is isolated and when considering the fact that all devices should have access to internet; care should be takenContinue reading “Guest user-auth with ClearPass and Arista APs – Using CoA”

Troubleshooting WiFi Connectivity Issues (Vendor Neutral)

Connectivity Issues (Considering the fact that the RF environment is clean enough for wireless Clients to communicate i.e. without interference and high noise levels) are difficult to troubleshoot in a wireless environment. There are many parameters to look in since the medium we use for communication is air which is widely open to all. A connectivity issueContinue reading “Troubleshooting WiFi Connectivity Issues (Vendor Neutral)”