The Extension of 802.11ax – WiFi 6E

Looking at the trend of devices that are becoming mobile and/or are becoming WiFi capable, it is obvious that WLAN would need more bandwidth and user handling capabilities. There are studies and numbers already out showing a growing need for WLAN infrastructure and the efficient technology to accommodate the new devices and applications. These applicationsContinue reading “The Extension of 802.11ax – WiFi 6E”

Testing 802.11w by sending deauth packets: Broadcast and Unicast.

802.11w standard was introduced to protect WLAN management frames so that the WLAN stations can be protected against deauthentication OR Rogue Association attacks sent by an attacker. A very interesting piece here is sending spoofed deauthentication broadcast OR Unicast messages. There are multiple software that can be used for this purpose, but I will beContinue reading “Testing 802.11w by sending deauth packets: Broadcast and Unicast.”