If at all the waves are Electro Magnetic, the communication has to be Wireless.

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The Extension of 802.11ax – WiFi 6E

Looking at the trend of devices that are becoming mobile and/or are becoming WiFi capable, it is obvious that WLAN would need more bandwidth and user handling capabilities. There are studies and numbers already out showing a growing need for WLAN infrastructure and the efficient technology to accommodate the new devices and applications. These applications…

WPA3 Deep Dive

Continuing to the previous post wherein we discussed some theory about WPA3 and Dragonfly; in this post, I will try to explain WPA3 using packet captures analysis. The WLAN industry is making products easy to use and configure so I guess configuring WPA3 may not be an issue as it is a simple step of…

[Updated] Guest user-auth with ClearPass and Arista APs – Using CoA

In the previous twisted workflow where on receiving Radius Reject message leading to provide access to the WLAN may not look good when considering the accounting part of the authentication. To handle it in a better way, Arista APs can now support role-based capabilities which makes the understanding of the process authorization easy. Using these…

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